We craft outdoor equipment and apparel designed to maximize your comfort and minimize your burden. Our designs embody a purposeful and graceful aesthetic meant to optimize, not minimize, your options. Crazy-light, intuitively functional solutions make it easy for your body to follow your mind into the wilderness. Like those stubbornly optimistic, always-adapting trees that thrive in poor conditions, we strip away the unnecessary but build those parts that support the future.


We're intent on producing goods produced by hand here in our home state, and in the past year have learned how difficult that could be. There's only one way to make it happen the right way: We buy the whole mess of industrial sewing machines needed for our goods and do the sewing in-house. Shelter, backpack, and apparel prototypes are ready for production... but we still have to buy the machines to make them right! Stay tuned for info on my book about how to choose and use your gear. Publication fundraiser should be here in the next few months!


Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Our accessories are the little things we've made for trail life that get people saying "Dude, that's cool. I want one!" Whether it involves getting a fire started, making camp life easier, or generally making you more comfortable... we probably have something for the job.

Sleep Systems

Sleeping, stargazing, or snuggling. It should all be pretty awesome. Our versatile sleep systems are each designed for comfort that would make normal bedding jealous. Tiny packed size and minimal weight make daytime carrying a dream.