If we wouldn't use it,
we wouldn't sell it.


Backcountry Bonsai is based on a lifetime of outdoor experience that includes thirty years of backpacking and a decade working as a buyer in outdoor retail, all of which informs our founder's decisions.

People are moving toward lighter, simpler, more comfortable ways of traveling the backcountry. Their reasons are varied, but many are rooted in the idea of accessibility. We meet people who want to go backpacking as they near or enter retirement, but who aren’t sure they can backpack anymore. Young parents are eager for a return to backpacking when their kids are of age, but now have extra gear to carry for their little ones.

Some people want to cover as many miles as possible, others go “out there” to get away from the complexities of modern life & want the simplest experience they can have. We meet others who haul so much specialty gear that they need to cut weight everywhere else.

We have yet to find anyone who disagrees with us that backpacking is a lot more fun with a light pack than with a heavy one.

We do one thing: we make gear. The kind of gear that we always wanted to use. We don't call our gear 'ultralight', because that all too often conjures up images of flimsiness, of fiddly-ness, or making compromises. We make gear that's light, reliable, and stays out of your way.

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