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I always used to pull my hand part-way out of a mitten so I could warm up my thumb with the rest of my hand, and I met a ton of people who did the same. Doesn't that seem ridiculous? Why not make a mitt that works in a normal worn position? The webbed design of my patent-pending PeninsulMItt thumb keeps your thumb in the same chamber as the rest of your hand, which allows your whole hand to warm the thumb pocket.

All other mittens isolate your thumb from the rest of your hand; your fingers get a boost of warmth from their adjoining members, but the thumb is stuck way out on its own, as cold wind whistles through the gap between your thumb and hand. Our thumb pocket enables full range of motion within the PeninsulMItt, so you can fully spread your hand for grip... or nestle your thumb right next to the rest of your hand. 

The PeninsulMItt also allows markedly better dexterity than pre-existing insulated handwear. In addition to the thumb pocket that allows full extension of your thumb, there's an extended pocket for your pinky finger. You can fully spread your hand within the PeninsulMItt, which translates to surprisingly great dexterity... your hand can actually work the way it's designed to work.

The first PeninsulMItts use Climashield Apex insulation in complementary combinations. Our standard mitt uses 4-ounce Climashield on the back of the hand that's faced with fleece, and the palm uses 3.3 ounce Climashield with a double-thickness of fleece. The dual layer of fleece on the palm compensates for compression of insulation as you grip something, such as a ski pole or ice axe. The shell is water-resistant Epic by Nextec, which gives great breathability and weather protection.

Our super-warm mitt uses 7.5 ounce Climashield on the back and 5 ounce on the palm, shelled with 3-ply pro shell waterproof-breathable fabric. 

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